Do you want to select and evaluate potential target investment markets?

You have a list of targeted markets. It's time to set investment criteria for acquiring real estate properties.

Great! You found the opportunity now you need to perform due diligence on the deal.

Touring the properties can be exciting but definitely requires time. Would you like to do it on your own?

For me this is the fun part - Renovation! How do you feel about this task?

Do you have time to manage your investments?

Managing tenants includes finding, screening, interviewing, maintaining regular communication, solving issues..etc. Are you ready for that?

Risk and reward question.

Are you prepared to do all the bookkeeping tasks?

Small or large?

Control or leverage?

Great Job, You’ve Finished the Quiz!

To get your results and a full report on to determine if you are an active or passive investor, just let us know where to send it.

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